Youcamp for Schools

If you are a teacher, or have school-aged children, read on!

We have been working with hosts in Queensland, and we’ve selected a short list of properties near Brisbane which have the capacity to host school groups. We would love some feedback to gauge interest from other parts of Australia too.

Some hosts offer students a chance to learn about concepts such as paddock-to-plate, farm-gate produce, sustainable farming and agriculture. Others provide practical experience like bush skills, and even archery.

Our hosts are happy to arrange custom quotes for your next class or whole school trip, and are looking forward to hearing from you. Please let your school know about us! For states outside Queensland, feel free to email Youcamp if you would like us to help you source suitable host properties for your next school camp.

Queensland Hosts

Trevana Glen Farm  

Swan Gully Park   

Gleneden Family Farm and Bullock Team 

Chevallan Archery Park  

Misty Mountain Nightcap Forest Kunghur