What Our Hosts Say…

Hosts are the heart of Youcamp, and each month we feature one of our hard working hosts. These are people who welcome guests with open arms and love sharing their piece of paradise with others. Read more about each of them below.

If you have any queries about becoming a Youcamp host, please send us an email to info@youcamp.com or call 1300 318 709 to speak to someone in our team.

Host of the Month
June 2017 – Pam and Lindsay Pyne from Cranky Rock, NSW.
May 2017 – John and Jennifer Arnall from Redlands, NSW.
April 2017 – Ben and Sarah Eisel from Woodspring, QLD.
March 2017 – Lisa and Robert Kamaralli from Bunyip’s Camp, NSW.
February 2017 – Roger Fagan, Platypus Valley Riverside Camping, NSW.
January 2017 – Louise McFarland from Samsons Gully, VIC.
December 2016 – Jenny Fletcher from Running Creek Parklands, QLD.

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