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About the host, Tenielle Brough
Member since October 2018
5 reviews
Annette Bramley
15 Nov at 05:32
What a beautiful, quiet place. When we arrived Tenielle showed us the level area we could camp and let us decide where we wanted to set up camp. Lots of birds, dragon flies and landscapes to photograph, or just sit back and enjoy the serenity. Thank you for sharing your backyard. Annette and John
Marianne Reid
23 Nov at 08:46
We had a great couple if days at Westwood. Heaps of serenity. Tenielle is a welcoming host. Lots of room so no crowding by neighbours. Lots of firewood available but please use a fire pit off the ground so as not to ruin the site with ash pits. Would stay again
Peter Bowley
04 Dec at 09:01
Very peaceful and quiet. Only the birds to listen to. Teneille was very helpfull
Lynda Connolly
21 Dec at 11:24
We enjoyed our one night stay at Westcloud, with the wide open area, beautiful bird song in the morning and a walk around the lily covered dam. Tenielle was a friendly host who left us in peace as we were the only ones there that night. Our little Mini Foxy enjoyed the freedom of the space.
Leah Jackat
23 Dec at 12:45
What a great spot, flat ground, plenty of shade and so quiet! Just us and nature, beautiful bird songs and soothing sounds of cicadas.
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