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About the host, Lindsay Rooke
Member since July 2016
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Denis Coburn
12 Nov at 09:56
Really interesting place to camp. Lovely hospitable hosts. Kids enjoyed it.
Phill Holding
06 Feb at 08:39
Had a fantastic time. Kids loved it. The farm experience was great and the staff very friendly.
Jay Ekanayake
03 May at 04:40
Dave Lowe
01 Jun at 01:47
If you're looking for a secluded campsite, this wouldn't be it, but for an easy camping experience with kids, just a short drive from Brisbane - this would be a great choice. Our girls (aged 9) really enjoyed the animal feeding, and the hosts were very friendly. Highly recommended.
Lisa Ruberry
06 Jun at 04:38
Great spot for the kids, they loved helping out with the animals. Great scenery. Hosts were very welcoming.
Sally Raine
24 Aug at 11:12
This isn't a place I would recommend for camping. The campground was a narrow area at the side of a driveway and far too expensive. My granddaughter had a birthday party the next day, so it was convenient. The upside was that we were warmly welcomed, and it was quiet at night.
Deb Brydon
25 Sep at 06:59
The campsite itself wasn't great. We were camped by the side of their driveway. School holidays and busloads of kids came for day trips. We knew they were coming but didn't realise how close we would be to them. One of the activities was metres away from our campsite. People were lovely. Animals great.
Kerrie Lock
02 Oct at 03:43
Thank you for our stay. Clean n tidy party shack, great relaxed atmosphere and lovely to be able to wander around with your breakfast and chat to the animals. My little niece loved it!
Michael Jessop
30 Oct at 09:31
Friendly hosts with a nice hobby farm close to creek and lake.
Trudy Put
08 Nov at 07:52
The camping area was at the entry of the farm parallel to the main driveway and was disappointing. We had ordered and paid for fresh eggs which were never provided when asked or refund offered. Probably great facility for kids excursions and day trips but would give camping a miss. *Please note the host has asked for a response to this review and says no request for the eggs or for a refund was made by the guest.
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