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About the host, Wilhelmina Howard
Member since August 2017
I have a mango farm, grandmother of 10 and a busy lady. You are welcome to camp or park here. I welcome quiet, respectful people.
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Sally Kingdon
12 Sep at 11:15
I would like to make suggestions. Provide flat areas away from cattle. It is not nice to sit with morning coffee surrounded by poop. If you find a red thong it is mine that i think the neighbours dogs took. Will be nice when cleaned up. Thank you for allowing us to stay even though weren't ready.
Lindley Watts
19 Sep at 01:08
We took our young grand kids for a 2 night stay and they loved feeding the cattle and playing on the old tractor relic outside our van. Nice walks and near entertainment. Facilities fine for us. A lot of traffic noise both from the road and the neighbours. We enjoyed it but don't expect a lot to do.
Shane Matakatea
14 Aug at 08:55
We set up in front of the dbl shed to access power. The ground was hard but. The other power locations are min AWD access. We faced our campsite towards the pond & hills, & the view soon made the shed disappear. Plenty to explore, a short drive to resupply, 25mins to GC beach, 5mins to theme parks.
Berin Gillespie
11 Sep at 05:47
Thanks Wil, you were available and accommodating and you have a lovely property. We enjoyed our brief stay.
Amanda Thompson
06 Oct at 06:24
our Family really enjoyed camping Kids like the cows Thank you Wilhelmina
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