Sunshine Coast Forest Bathing Sanctuary

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About the host, Angelique Amour
Member since September 2016
Hi, My name is Angelique and I am a Lover of Nature. I have lived here with this forest at this sanctuary for coming up to 20 years and have direct experience of our intrinsic interconnection, and the wealth and gifts nature and this forest sanctuary provides to me and the world.
6 reviews
Gordon Reeves
07 Jun at 09:36
This is my first time using You Camp, and I couldn't happier. Eco Forest Camping was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted somewhere that had no people or noise. It was absolutely peaceful and beautiful, even the constant rain enhanced the feeling of cleansing and relaxation. Thanks Angelique.
Shanae Chandler
05 Jan at 12:09
Very nice and quiet spot. Hostess was wonderful very friendly and helpful.
Kel Sanson
10 Jan at 06:34
My 5yo daughter and I had our first ever camping experience here in January 2018. It couldn’t have been a better location for that! It was incredibly peaceful especially given there is only one site. So no other campers to deal with! The location was beautiful and so close to the beach. Amazing!
Phil Palmer
03 May at 09:46
Very Pleasant spot, close enough to the coast to get a trip to the beach but also very relaxing to stay at the grounds. I didn't meet Angelique but she was very pleasant to deal with. The campsite is quite private and well shaded with tall trees around.
Nathan Harmer
02 Oct at 11:27
Beautiful sight with plenty of privacy!
Tom Dignan
24 Oct at 01:06
First time using YouCamp and it was fantastic. Angelique’s listing is private and tranquil. We stayed two nights and enjoyed how close it was to Noosa for days out. Angelique gave great directions and even checked on us after a storm rolled in. 3G Optus reception at the site if needed. Thanks Tom :)
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