Remote and rugged escape in the Snowies
New South Wales

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About the host, David Laurence
Member since September 2016
8 reviews
Shaun Ross
05 Jan at 12:18
This property is absolutely amazing. The view from the campsite is spectacular. Lots of great bushwalking, plenty of available firewood and Cooma is only 20 mins drive. The host, David, is great and very accommodating. He is easily contactable and ready to help out with any issues. Loved this place.
Ross Carswell
22 Oct at 06:22
This is a serene rural space with a lot of sky. Open to the elements high on a hillside but the payoff is the great view. We enjoyed being alone and having a nice campfire and a good walk. *Leave No Trace*
Pippa Hall-Johnston
23 Nov at 05:49
Not for the faint hearted but totally worth it. Sweeping majestic 270 degree views, not a house in sight, perched up on top of the world.
Jorja Bon-kriesel
04 Jan at 12:09
We had the place to ourselves! Very private even with road nearby but only two cars passed the whole time. Rain stopped us from having a walk all the way down to the creek unfortunately. Beautiful views in a secluded spot nonetheless.
Margot Law
04 Jan at 12:19
We had a fantastic time on David's property! Fabulous views, incredible canyon and beautiful wild flowers.
Paul Newland
05 Feb at 04:47
This is a great spot. The views on a clear night with a full moon are amazing. Very enjoyable and David is accessible and very helpful. We plan on another visit.
Ross Carswell
03 Apr at 08:46
2nd booking. Easter this time, so quiet and perfect weather. No flies, no mozzys. Very dry this time, the region obviously needs good rain. Loads of roo sighting, one wombat, and stray goats too.
Manoj Surapaneni
02 Aug at 09:43
This place is unique to all...The experience we had is unbelievable & unforgettable..Honestly to will definitely stay as a memorable life moment to keep it safe in hearts. When it comes to David, he is a very helpful guy & accessible at any time. Definitely I will come back again with all my friends.
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