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About the host, John Lockie
Member since October 2018
Hi there. I am retired from a working life as a corporate advisor specialising in property. I live at One Tree Hill in South Gippsland with George my boarder Collie. I have two children and three grandchildren. My other interests are my friend Andrea and my 10 m catamaran, Captain Jack, moored on Lake Macquarie. This is one of the most beautiful regions on earth and the views from One Tree Hill are amazing. Come to visit and stay a while, it will never be regretted.
5 reviews
Patrick Curtin
04 Jan at 02:36
Out of this world views from the campsite, I would highly recommend to stay at One tree Hill I will be back
Peter Noblet
04 Jan at 06:42
We camped at the Sheds and had panoramic view for our picnic meals. Loved it. The camping spot was well sheltered from wind and we had a very peaceful night aside from birdsongs and amazing thunderstorm which gave us a great show
Simon Kirton
06 Jan at 06:34
One Tree Hill was exactly what we expected. Simple camping with amazing views of Gippsland and Wilson’s Prom! We highly recommend using One Tree Hill as your base camp for day trips around this great part of the world.
Matthew Shields
06 Jan at 09:29
This was most definitely the worst accommodation we've ever seen. The facility was so bad we had to pitch a tent in a paddock next door.
Diana Von Holdt
18 Jan at 08:07
Great spot, beautiful views but can get windy!
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