Mowbray Park Farm
New South Wales

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About the host, Blair Briggs
Member since May 2017
Mowbray Park Farm is an established holiday farm and school camp centre. Any guest on the farm joins the daily activities that are supervised by staff. Additionally guests have access to canoeing, archery, tennis, swimming, camp fires at night etc. Meals are an option as well during your stay, need to be booked in advance at reception. All guests receive a map of the farm and schedule of activities. Camping under the stars will add another dimension to the experience.
5 reviews
Mark Sopuch
24 Jan at 09:58
We came we saw camped! Delightful in every way and please bring your own water and electricity along. It's not a problem for the prepared!
Paul Novodon
01 Feb at 08:44
Beautiful surroundings, real farm and great value for money.
Corrie Brandsma
02 Feb at 10:03
We loved Mowbray park farm, there was so much to do. The farm experience was fantastic, our kids loved the damper making and pony rides. There's so much to explore and do. Swimming in the pool, archery, the pool table and watching animals kept us amused. We'll be back
Cameron Taylor
03 May at 10:40
Hi all! My daughters 10,8 had a great time. Fantastic activities available including the farm yard experience, hay ride and billy tea.. The camp site was really good and had a little camp fire. Big plus are the people. f you go horse riding, Blair does an excellent safety briefing. Excellent
Ben Quittner
09 Jan at 12:05
Great spot with great facilities. Hope to be back there someday.
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