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The Morris family Rohan, Fiona, Eden & Jethro welcome you to Gleneden Family Farm. Tucked into a picturesque valley, it is a family owned mixed farm with a wide variety of animals & plants for food production. We produce nutritious, delicious food by focusing on healthy soils, plants and animals.

We farm using a combination of traditional farming methods & the most innovative regenerative techniques. We enjoy welcoming visitors to Gleneden Family Farm, both campers & day visitors to our working bullock team displays & farm tours.

Campers are welcome to explore the farm, be involved in our daily farm life or take time to wind down and relax. Beautiful North Branch Creek runs through our farm with pools, ripples and a waterfall. Creek side and hilltop campsites with great views.
Nearest main town and distance
Warwick, 34km
Maggie's Flat Creeksite Camp
1 available | max occupancy: 8 per Camping site (unpowered)
$ 10.00
per person per night
Small camping flat right beside a water hole on North Branch Creek. Very picturesque with shady trees along the waterhole. Four wheel drive access.
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Dairy Flat Creekside Camping
2 available | max occupancy: 12 per Camping site (unpowered)
$ 10.00
per person per night
A large creekside camping area on the site of the original farm dairy. Sited on the banks of a North Branch Creek waterhole. View upstream to the Gleneden Family Farm waterfall. Four wheel drive access.
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Picnic Point Hilltop Camp
1 available | max occupancy: 12 per Camping site (unpowered)
$ 10.00
per person per night
Hilltop campsite with great views over Gleneden Family Farm and the Norrth Branch/Maryvale district. Ideal for self-contained campers looking for some secluded piece and quiet. 4WD access.
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Valley View Hilltop Camp
1 available | max occupancy: 8 per Camping site (unpowered)
$ 10.00
per person per night
Hilltop campsite with views of Gleneden Family Farm and the North Branch/Maryvale District. Ideal for self-contained campers looking for a private space. 4WD access.
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Waterfall View Creekside Camp
1 available | max occupancy: 6 per Camping site (unpowered)
$ 10.00
per person per night
Creekside camping close to the farmyard overlooking the North Branch Creek billabong and waterfall. Ideal for self-contained campers. All wheel drive access.
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The Bullockies' Creekside Camp
1 available | max occupancy: 8 per Camping site (unpowered)
$ 10.00
per person per night
A small flat on the banks of North Branch Creek. Near to the Gleneden Family Farm bullock yoking yard. Shady trees. 2WD access.
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Activities & Tours
Working Bullock Team Display
$ 25.00
A working bullock team is a rare sight these days. Bullocky Rohan and his Gleneden Bullock Team work in the North Branch Valley drawing firewood and sawmill logs from it's forested ridges. Working together they extract timber in a carefully selective, landscape sensitive manner. Gleneden Family Farm guests are invited to enjoy a display of The Gleneden Bullock Team at work on the farm or in the forest. Regular display days scheduled (call 46661273) or organised for a minimum booking of $75.
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Bush Skills Sessions
$ 25.00
At Gleneden Family Farm we practice a number of traditional bush crafts and skills in our regular farm work. Blacksmithing, leatherwork, whipmaking, bush timberwork. Small group sessions are available in these crafts. You won't become a master craftsman in one lesson, but you will enjoy trying a new skill and you may enjoy it enough to make it a new hobby. One hour lessons. $25pp. 2-4 people.
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Jethro's Campfire Wood 20kg
$ 10.00
Jethro the Gleneden Wood Man enjoys chopping firewood and bringing it to you for your campfire. All hardwood, sawn and split to a convenient size, it will burn long and hot.
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20 Litre Collection of Campfire Kindling
$ 5.00
You're coming for a holiday aren't you. Don't worry about hunting around for campfire kindling. Eden or Jethro will bring you 20 litres of nice dry kindling and earn themselves some pocket money for their help.
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Cast Iron Camp Oven Hire
$ 15.00
Don't have a camp oven or don't feel like lugging it our to the farm. We have some that you can use. If you have never cooked in one before, you have been missing out. Why not book a campfire cooking lesson to set you on your way.
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Campfire Cooking Class
$ 50.00
If you have brought or bought some delicious produce to/from Gleneden Family Farm but are not sure how to go about cooking it on your fire, Rohan and Fiona are here to help. A hour campfire cooking class will get your delicious dinner under way and set you up for many more campfire dinners to come.
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About the host, Rohan Morris
Member since July 2016
12 reviews
Greg Burns
14 Mar at 12:23
The hospitality was second to none - Thanks to the entire Morris Family. We felt most welcomed. Your property is beautiful & we enjoyed the walking, the creek & waterfall. Watch for snakes. Cleanest bush toilets ever! Thanks for the firewood. Definitely coming back & with others. Greg & Matt Burns
Gemma Kuras
18 Apr at 01:48
Highly recommended, an idyllic setting with a small creek meandering through a quiet, green valley surrounded by magnificent mountains. Be sure to do the bullock tour, and also try the pork sausages - divine. Basic camping, which perfectly suits our young family - kids had a ball. We'll be back.
Chris Dellit
16 May at 07:19
Great spot run by great people passionate about their farm and land. A lot to explore that we didn't unfortunately have the time for this visit. Top spots close to the creek. Love a fire this time of year. Thank you Rohan and Fiona....we shall return. Don't forget their organic meat...top notch.
Zita Chapman
17 May at 01:35
Thankyou to the Morris family for a lovely 4 days at their farm. They are very friendly and helpful hosts and the farm is a peaceful getaway. The bullock team show was fantastic well worth seeing. We headed home completely refreshed after the tranquil bush and running water beside our campsite.
Lil Burrows
03 Jul at 05:54
We had a fantastic time camping on this beautiful farm. The kids loved the river and helping with the farm animals and the produce from the farm was delicious! We will definitely be back.
Jeremy King
01 Aug at 08:08
A big thankyou to the Morris family, what a wonderful location, camping nestled amongst the trees creek side. How lucky we were to experience life on the farm, interact with the animals and taste food that comes from such a healthy environment. The way it should be. Stock up on organic produce.
David Nolan
19 Aug at 03:37
Thank you so much to the Morris family for allowing us to stay on their beautiful property and showing us their farming practices. It's such a peaceful location. Highly recommended! We will be back.
Rex Hough
30 Sep at 10:11
Stayed 2 nights here and loved it, good points, host was friendly and approachable, he has two dogs that roam the farm very friendly wanted to take home at the end of our stay but hubby said no. There is about 50 eel tail catfish in the creak we caught 6, very picky at what they eat, so good luck.
Amelia McLean
05 Oct at 12:38
Fabulous quiet property with several campsites to choose from. We stayed on the Maggie's Creek site which was welcome relief from the unusually hot days we experienced. The bush toilet was amazing...no smells and no flies! Thank you for a wonderful experience, Rohan.
Adam Shearer
26 Oct at 12:29
Fantastic stay, highly recommend this place, lovely family. Could not have been more helpful. Our kids loved the animals and Jethro was a great play friend.
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