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About the property
Located in north western Victoria near the city of Mildura. Gleeson's Turf Farm is a small scale farming business that also has areas suited to camping. We are also located walking distance to a golf club. The property is relatively secluded and partly surrounded by Mallee scrub and the green pastures of

Hosts are Wayne & Karen Gleeson, both middle age, who greatly enjoy the outdoors & providing people with friendly hospitality. The hosts both being experienced travelers over the years through most parts of Australia, especially the 'Outback'. They would love to share the tranquillity of their property to campers, whether it may be only one night or longer.
Nearest main town and distance
Mildura, 10 kms
Zoey's Retreat
2 available | max occupancy: 6 per Camping site (unpowered)
$ 10.00
per person per night
Slightly surrounded by some native small to medium size trees. Suited for large tent or camper trailer. Offering views looking out to the Turf Farm or nearby bush land.
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Gemma's Yard
2 available | max occupancy: 6 per Camping site (unpowered)
$ 10.00
per person per night
Open area in amongst some medium to larger size trees. Opens out to the green grass offered by the turf farm. Offering fantastic views of 'sunsets' in the evening.
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Kyser's Den
2 available | max occupancy: 6 per Camping site (unpowered)
$ 10.00
per person per night
Nice area surrounded by medium to large trees opening out to the vast green pastures of the turf farm.
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Roxy's Bluff
2 available | max occupancy: 6 per Camping site (unpowered)
$ 10.00
per person per night
Surrounded by medium to large size trees, with views of the beautiful green turf farm. Offering views of beautiful 'Sunsets'.
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Nizzi's Lane
3 available | max occupancy: 6 per Parking site (powered)
Pricing is for 1 person.
Extra adult from $10.00 p/n
Extra child from $3.00 p/n
$ 15.00
per Parking site (powered) per night (Price is for 1 person)
An area for large RV type campers or large caravans to park with the added convenience of power. Well secured location in a close proximity to the property residence.
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Activities & Tours
Off Road Driving
$ 300.00
Exploring some of the local scenic attractions accessible by 4WD only. Attractions range from local native fauna & some general wildlife. Plenty of Kangaroo siteings. Views of the Murrray River, National Parks, and visits small rural communities. Full day from 0830am to 4.30pm. Morning tea & lunch provided in cost.
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25kg Bag Firewood
$ 25.00
Large bag of fire wood weighing 25 kgs
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Accommodation features
& Tours
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accessible by: By Car
Cancellation Policy
Moderate: Guest can cancel up to 10 days before check-in for a full refund (except fee)
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Wayne & Karen Gleeson
About the host, Wayne & Karen Gleeson
Member since April 2017
Hosts are Wayne & Karen, both middle age professional working couple. Both are keen travelers who enjoy the adventures of 4WD & camping, motor bike trail riding & playing golf. Over the years, we have both traveled extensively throughout Australia. Picture taken recently of us standing in front of the Ord dam Kununurra W.A. The property is also a small scale working Turf Farm.
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