"Canegrass" Glamp & Camp
New South Wales

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Anna Kelly
About the host, Anna Kelly
Member since October 2017
HELLO CAMPERS, I'm Anna, I thought I better offer you my front paddock for camping. Its such an awesome area, so much to do, such great sunsets, and the BIGGEST RIVER REDGUM IN THE WORLD is just 15 mins down the road. Anyway I love this area, I've got some sheep and cattle and other animals living here. Hopefully I'll get to meet you, have fun, stay safe, let the kids run wild while you rest up in the glamping or camping spot. Anna @front_paddock_camper
2 reviews
Jack King
02 Apr at 04:01
Brilliant big sky settIng...a real back to nature experience. Meat pack was amazing!
Jack King
02 Apr at 05:03
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