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Robert And Julia Woods
About the host, Robert And Julia Woods
Member since September 2017
Our farm, Briarfield, is located on the Tablelands of New England in northern NSW. We are a sheep and cattle farm of 1200 acres. On the southern side of the farm is the beginnings of the Wollomombi River, more of a creek at our end. This is where you can camp, you would have 500 hundred acres to yourself, to explore. Walking, fishing, bird watching or just sitting and enjoying the serenity. Maybe a bit of yoga and meditation.
3 reviews
Michael Hickey
03 Apr at 11:22
We had a very relaxing weekend . What amazing views , so fortunate to be able to experience the beautiful countryside. Thanks Robert and Julia!
Harra Gerdes
09 Apr at 05:54
Briarfield is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle, relax next to the fresh water creek and camp fire or take a scenic walk through the Bush with the birds, kangaroos and other wildlife., This isn’t the first ltime and won’t be the last time i camp at briarfield.
Rebecca Davis
17 Apr at 01:02
We loved Briarfield. The stars, the peace and quiet. The remoteness. So good to truly get away away from it all!
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