Banjo Estate
New South Wales

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33 M



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About the host, Brooke Wood
Member since June 2016
Hello! I'm the Landholder Liaison Officer @ Youcamp. I work on all things camping during the week....then I get to go camping on weekends with my family! Doesn't get much better than that. I have the pleasure of working closely with our many Youcamp hosts. Happy camping! :)
4 reviews
Judy Jones
03 Aug at 09:09
It was a lovely place to stay. Very relaxing and nice shady spots by the creek. We will be back.
Brooke Wood
15 Dec at 11:14
Brooke Wood
26 Mar at 09:26
Great stay
Brooke Wood
05 Nov at 12:03
We had a great time here. Lovely stay.
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