Araluen Gold Organics

New South Wales

About the property
A self sufficient, off grid farm in the beautiful Araluen Valley. 200 acres of mixed land. Bush with walking tracks and a creek with gorgeous waterholes. Cleared land which our house cows graze, along with hundreds of kangaroos! Abundant wildlife and domestic animals. We also have a commercial kitchen, serving up delicious woodfired pizza every Friday night!

Firewood available to purchase from us.
Nearest main town and distance
Braidwood, 25kms away
Old Market Garden Campsite
5 available | max occupancy: 20 per Camping site (unpowered)
$ 7.00
per person per night
Private field, surrounded by bush and close to a creek and small waterholes. There are a lot of gorgeous spots to choose from. 4WD access only. There are no amenities. You can dig a hole for a toilet, leave no trace and please don't bury any plastic. You are welcome to use the composting toilet in the shady creek campsite if there are none or not many campers there.
Dig your own toilet
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Shady creek campsite
2 available | max occupancy: 8 per Camping site (unpowered)
$ 10.00
per person per night
Beautiful shady spot by a creek bed, please note creek bed is often dry, but you can walk up the creek and you will always find water further up. Kids love playing in the sandy creek bed, bring some dump trucks and spades. This site has a composting toilet. This is 2wd accessible.
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Secluded market garden spot
1 available | max occupancy: 12 per Camping site (unpowered)
$ 7.00
per person per night
Private, sheltered spot, grassy and flat. Dig a toilet or walk to the shady creek composting toilet. 4wd access only.
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The Valley campsite
2 available | max occupancy: 12 per Camping site (unpowered)
$ 8.00
per person per night
2wd drive access. Close to the dam and bushwalks. A short walk to composting toilet at shady creek, about 200m.
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The Caravan
1 available | max occupancy: 3 per On site caravan
Pricing is for 1 person.
Extra adult from $15.00 p/n
Extra child from $5.00 p/n
$ 45.00
per On site caravan per night (Price is for 1 person)
1 bedroom (Double x1, Single x1) | 1 living room (0 sofa beds)
We have a cosy little retro caravan, set on the top off the hill, with gorgeous views off the valley. There is a composting toilet for the caravan only.
1 bedroom (Double x1, Single x1) | 1 living room (0 sofa beds)
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Activities & Tours
Living Self Sufficiently Farm Tour
$ 25.00
1 bedroom (Double x1, Single x1) | 1 living room (0 sofa beds)
We will guide you round our organic self sufficient farm, explaining the way it works in providing for us and our family. The garden, the animals, the milking shed, the meat safe and preserves store. Including feeding the animals.
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Hunting & Meat Preparation
$ 150.00
1 bedroom (Double x1, Single x1) | 1 living room (0 sofa beds)
A guided hunting expedition. Richard will take you for a walk up the mountain to find a wild goat. This could take 1-2 hrs, you may or may not get something. If you do Richard will guide you through the skinning and butchering process.
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Tractor rides
$ 5.00
1 bedroom (Double x1, Single x1) | 1 living room (0 sofa beds)
Tractor rides for the kids, a 15 min tractor ride around the farm.
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Gold pan hire
$ 5.00
1 bedroom (Double x1, Single x1) | 1 living room (0 sofa beds)
There is gold in our creek! Try your hand at fossicking with our gold pans. Hire rate is $5 per pan per day so add as many of these to your order as you need.
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Meals - Breakfast
$ 15.00
1 bedroom (Double x1, Single x1) | 1 living room (0 sofa beds)
Breakfast varies but is usually eggs, fresh bread, salad and chutney. Breakfast available from 7am - 10am. There's a big verandah and meals are served here.
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Meals - Lunch
$ 15.00
1 bedroom (Double x1, Single x1) | 1 living room (0 sofa beds)
Lunch varies but is usually salad, pickles, preserved or fresh meat, vegetarian option available, just send me a message with any dietary requirements.
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Meals - Dinner
$ 20.00
1 bedroom (Double x1, Single x1) | 1 living room (0 sofa beds)
Dinner meals vary depend on what is in season but an example such as stews.
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$ 10.00
1 wash, we can provide detergent
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Woodfired Pizza - Hawaiian
$ 20.00
Delicious hawaiian pizza. Add as many as you need to your order.
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Woodfired Pizza - Vegetairan
$ 20.00
Seasonal produce from the garden
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Woodfired Pizza - Meat Pizza
$ 22.00
Our own recipe meat pizza
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$ 20.00
Free to gather your own, or you can buy from us. $20 is a large bag size and you collect this on your way down the camp.
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farm produce box
$ 30.00
A box of seasonal farm produce. Would be a mix of whatever we had available at the time. e.g. currently you would get a selection of rocket, fresh greens, herbs, eggs, chutney, honey ect. In summer there would be tomatoes, zuchinnis, cucumbers, beans, water melons ect
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Accommodation features
& Tours
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Food and drink
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Event/wedding facilities
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accessible by: By Car
Cancellation Policy
Flexible: Guest can cancel up to 24 hours before check-in for a full refund (except fee)
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About the host, Amber Taylor
Member since July 2017
22 reviews
Brett King
05 Sep at 10:26
Lovely quiet property with plenty of room and fantastic hosts; a great example of genuine, down-to-earth people living off-grid and enjoying life sustainably - we'll definitely be back to try the woodfired pizzas !
Hayley Price
29 Sep at 06:21
Great space. Friendly host. My children enjoyed the visits from the pigs, cows and dogs. Keen to return.
Tom Williams
29 Sep at 11:05
Lovely camp by the creek. . Hospitality second to none. It doesn't get better than secluded camping with the freshest wood fired pizzas. Thank you Richard and Amber for the awesome experience.
Bryce Eldredge
03 Oct at 08:46
We arrived late at night, winding our way through the mountains and down a rough track. Our host pointed us in the right direction and we set up camp in the dark. When we woke the next morning, we were speechless. The camp site was stunning! Surrounded by mountains and tall eucalyptus trees. AMAZING
Vic Willey
05 Oct at 10:21
The spot was beautiful. We very much enjoyed our time there as a place to unwind in peace and quiet.
Alecia Zoccoli
07 Oct at 12:40
We were very pleased with our stay. We enjoyed the solitude of the bush but had hosts close by who were welcoming and made us feel right at home. A perfect balance! I happened to be at the house while the wood fired pizzas were being prepared and they looked amazing! Thank you so much for having us!
Andrew Anthony
23 Oct at 09:19
Richard and Amber were great hosts, loved our stay.
Sarah Hansen
25 Oct at 01:13
HIGHLY recommended! The property is beautiful with an excellent area for camping near a creek. We also had a few meals made for us which were fresh and delicious. The hosts Amber and Rich were lovely too! We'll definitely be going back!
Michael Lawrey
02 Nov at 11:32
Fantastic spot with a great family. Well worth visiting.
Susan Foy
17 Nov at 02:21
Amazing property. Quiet, beautiful and private. Definitely be back again.
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