Cremona Hillside Camping


About the property
Our farm is about 25km outside Ballarat and is 120 acres. We breed Black Faced Suffolk sheep, Dexter cattle, pigs, rare sorts of poultry and donkeys, but our principle farm activity is milking dairy goats. We live in a granite house built in 1860 and welcome you to share our farm. Bring a tent or your van and enjoy!

Toilets and showers available as well as a big camp kitchen and a communal girl shed/ pub which has a fireplace and games/TV etc.

We encourage you to join in farm life and experience what we do everyday. The property is beautiful, especially from the top of the hill.
Nearest main town and distance
Ballarat 25km, Learmonth 5km.
Cremona Camping
5 available | max occupancy: 10 per Camping site (powered)
$ 15.00
per person per night
Lots of places to camp, choose your own spot. Most people camp in the churchyard so that they can use the power in the church. All campers have access to to the shared are in the barn (the "pub") which has a big wood heater and a table which seats 20 and several couches as well as a shower and toilet. There is also a shared very large kitchen which has an electric stove and a double oven wood stove. There is a very big cool room (in which we keep our goat milk) and a small fridge.
The kitchen is a COMMUNAL area and must be kept clean at all times. WE do not want food left out, Dirty dishes left on benches for rodents . We do not like our possesions to be BROKEN and not be told.
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Activities & Tours
Farm Tour - Free
$ 1.00
This is not really a tour but everyone love wandering around the farm (shut the gates!) patting the donkeys, goats, sheep, pigs, our friendly wolf hound dogs together lots of other animals. Help collect the eggs, honk along with the geese and see rare breeds of birds.
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Farm Breakfast - 2 Course
$ 15.00
Hearty country breakfast using produce from our farm. Often includes porridge, eggs, juice, etc. You probably won't need lunch....Adults and children $15 per person. Add as many breakfasts as you need to your order (i.e. if you are staying three nights and want three breakfasts then book accordingly).
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Farm Dinner - 2 Course
$ 20.00
I cook meals in my farmhouse kitchen (which is registered, I do a lot of catering) and either deliver them to the barn or guests can come and eat in the farmhouse. Price is $20 per person (adults and children) for a main two course meal. it is hearty farm food and plenty of it. I need to know any dietary requirements in advance. Add as many dinners as you need to your order (i.e. if you are staying three nights and want three dinners then book accordingly).
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Cremona Shop
$ 0.00
We produce a lot of things on our farm - eggs , vegetables, honey and preserves. You can buy these whilst you are here. Prices are on display in our farm shop.
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$ 20.00
Although we don't have an officially designated "fire pit", we don't mind if people build their own little campfire.
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Farm Produced Meat Tray
$ 15.00
Mixed meat tray great for the BBQ. $15 per one kilogram. Add as many as you like to your order.
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Accommodation features
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Common areas
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Cleaning Services
accessible by: By Car
Cancellation Policy
Flexible: Guest can cancel up to 24 hours before check-in for a full refund (except fee)
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Disabled access

This host provides access and mobility for

Physical disabilities
Guide dogs
Deaf & hearing impaired

We have a regular guest with a guide dog. Our dogs also get along well with other well behaved dogs .

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Kate Serrurier
About the host, Kate Serrurier
Member since July 2016
Ours is a small (120 acre) farm not far from Ballarat . We milk dairy goats, breed rare sorts of poultry, have pigs, donkeys, sheep and Dexter cattle. If people would like to bring dogs, then that will need to be discussed first as to whther the breed of dog is suitable for our farm.
1 review
Samantha Blake
26 Jul at 04:46
Spur of the moment weekend just myself and the kids in our caravan. Kate was most welcoming, lovely little property not far from Ballarat. Great facilities. The kids had an absolute ball being given so much freedom to explore all the animals. Feeding and cuddling the orphan lambs made their weekend.
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