Black Mountain

New South Wales

About the property
2WD access to our house is from Nymboida. 4WD or AWD from Lowanna or Glenreagh and 4WD or AWD down to the river/campsite area - Not suitable for caravans. We can transport you to the campsites if you don't have 4WD.

Black Mountain is a registered conservation area bordering the Nymboida River and Nymboi-Binderay National Park.

Walk marked trails to explore rain-forest gullies and steep open woodlands. Enjoy pristine views and the soothing rhythms of the Nymboida river. Boat, swim or snorkel to spot the protected Eastern River cod or secretive platypus.

Choose from the 'Ant Shack' or three adjacent campsites which sit approximately 50 meters above the River. Nearby facilities include one hot shower and two composting toilets to share. No pets, no fishing (nor catch and release).
Nearest main town and distance
Although remote we are located just 60 km from either Grafton or Coffs (via the back way).
Eagle's Nest Campsite
1 available | max occupancy: 8 per Camping site (unpowered)
$ 17.00
per person per night
One large campsite accommodates 2 or more tents and gazebos. One guest booking only for this site - it wont be shared. Close to shared amenities including hot showers and composting toilets. Nymboida River is nearby with views from the campsite, a 30 metre walk to the river, rain-forest gullies and signed walking tracks
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(Spangled) Drongo Dell Campsite
1 available | max occupancy: 4 per Camping site (unpowered)
$ 17.00
per person per night
A small campsite nestled within Grey Myrtles. Drongo Dell sits beside Black Mountain's main gully and very close to Nymboida River which you hear softly making its way downstream. A pit toilet is very close to the campsite (just in case). Shared amenities include hot showers and composting toilets a little further up the hill.
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Myrtle Terrace Campsite
1 available | max occupancy: 6 per Camping site (unpowered)
$ 17.00
per person per night
A smaller campsite which easily accommodates 4 - 6 people. It's close to shared amenities including hot shower and composting toilets. It has views to Nymboida River and a 25 metre walk down to the bank. Access to rainforest gullies and signed walks across the property.
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Ant Shack
1 available | max occupancy: 2 per Eco-cottage
$ 77.00
per Eco-cottage per night
1 bedroom (Single x2) | 1 living room (0 sofa beds) | 1 bathroom
The Ant Shack sits 50 meters above the Nymboida River with views to the river. You will come here to enjoy the sheer beauty of the place; not just the accommodation. The Ant Shack is very basic – small, quaint and recycled. It contains 2 single bunk beds including bedding; kitchenette stocked with all utensils and a 3 ring gas burner; table and chairs. Amenities are close by including hot shower and composting toilets Relax - there is no electricity, no internet and no mobile phone reception.
1 bedroom (Single x2) | 1 living room (0 sofa beds) | 1 bathroom
Nearby Bathroom facilities include hot shower and compositing toilets and may be shared if other guests are camping on three separate campsites
There is no electricity or internet. Guests can access internet from the main house which sits 500 metres above the `Ant Shack'
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Firewood Supplied
$ 0.00
Firewood is stored near the campsites. Please maintain your fire within designated areas and limit the size of your fire to conserve this natural resource
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Kayak Shuttle Service
$ 127.00
We provide a vehicle shuttle service: From Black Mountain to Platypus Flat, Cod Hole, the Junction or Little Nymboida. We provide return transport from your campsite in your vehicle. $127 per vehicle.
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Joan's Track - Free
$ 0.00
Joan's Track is a short, self-guided, sign-posted circular walk from Eagles Nest climbing up through diverse terrain before heading down to Nymboida River and your return to camp
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Slightly Strenuous Stroll - Free
$ 0.00
Sign-posted: Starting from Eagles Nest follow the Southern path along the Main Gully. Pass below the main house and follow the signs to cross Catbird, Hoop Pine and Orchid Gully before either descending to the Myrtle Forest and your camp or continue onto Joan's Track
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accessible by: By 4WD or SUV only
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Flexible: Guest can cancel up to 24 hours before check-in for a full refund (except fee)
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About the host, Merryl Wilson
Member since May 2017
Hi I am a single women in my early 60s. I like to go camping by myself and with friends. I particularly like visiting natural bush settings and out of the way places.
4 reviews
Stephen Deist
05 Sep at 06:36
Thank you Merryl.. Our stay was fantastic. A remote and quite place close to the river. Thanks, what we were looking for and you certainly delivered. Our pitch was flat, space and close to very flash ablutions, we loved the hot shower at the end of the day.. Merryl and Alastair were super hosts.
Alison Bowling
24 Sep at 08:20
This is a very safe and peaceful campsite in th bush on the Nymboida River, adjacent to the Nymboi-binderay National Park. No traffic noise. Merryl guided us down to the campsite, where a table with drinking water was set up. Plenty of birds. Only drawback was the insects - insect repellent needed.
Brian Mackie
10 Oct at 07:58
Fantastic place ... so peaceful with just the sounds of nature ... great rainforest walk and just beautiful down along the river. Very nice amenities block with a hot shower to die for. Great hosts ... thanx Merryl and Alastair , we had a great time.
Stephen McArthur
04 Jan at 06:10
Cicadas nearly sent us deaf but otherwise a great stay. Merryl made us feel very comfortable
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