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Insurance Included!

Every eligible Youcamp booking has $30 million host public liability insurance (subject to T&Cs).

How Youcamp works

Youcamp is a platform for property owners to showcase their land and for guests to pay to stay there. We handle the complicated and time-consuming tasks so you can focus on running your property.

Here's a video to explain what we're all about...

Is my land the right fit?

Properties on Youcamp range from backyards, bush blocks, hobby farms, acreages and larger productive farms. Our most popular locations are something that's dog friendly, in an empty paddock with a bit of shade beside a creek or close to capital cities, national parks or major tourist routes. Campers are looking for back-to-basic camping and many are self-contained with their own toilet. Many hosts rely on their Youcamp income to make ends meet each week. Some of our hosts are generating tens of thousands of dollars from their Youcamp sites.

Youcamp Safe Insurance Scheme

We take safety and liability very seriously. In the rare event of guest injury, the Youcamp Safe Insurance Scheme provides $30 million host public liability insurance for every eligible booking. Subject to our terms and conditions, it is for claims of negligence against hosts. There are no fancy complicated forms to fill out or quotes to obtain. It's easy! For more information, including the PDS, please visit our Help Centre.

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Here are the most common, frequently asked questions we get about hosting. Have another question? Send an email to [email protected]

What does it cost?
Listing your property is free. You set your base rates in the host portal pricing area and we add an 11% booking service fee on top, which is the end rate displayed and booked by the guest. From the base rate you set in the host portal, we deduct 11% from this amount which covers costs of the online payment gateway and $30 million host public liability insurance (for eligible hosts). Payments are automated and fees are deducted from the amount we deposit into your bank account approximately 3 business days after guest arrival.
Do I need to offer toilets & amenities?
It is important to ensure guests are disposing of human waste safely and legally. If you do not have a toilet ask your guests to be self-contained. Many caravans and recreational vehicles have onboard amenities and many campers bring a camping toilet with pop up shelter and use designated dump points in towns. The advantage of only allowing fully self-contained travellers to camp on your property is that all you need to provide them is a nice, clean, safe place to park.
Do I need council approval?
Everywhere in Australia, the rules about whether private land camping is allowed and the processes for approval are different – not only state by state, but also council by council. Youcamping is a relatively new phenomenon and sometimes we rely on our hosts to push governments (especially local governments) out of their comfort zone. We’ve had hosts who’ve had to close down (usually because of complaining neighbours) but we’ve never had a host anywhere in Australia who has actually been prosecuted or fined. We need hosts like you to help us by listing your properties. Every time another host lists in a particular area it makes it easier for the next person! Having said that the one thing that our hosts want to know is that even if they are uncertain about whether they have the approval to host campers, do they still have the protection of our insurancescheme? Here’s what our FAQs say on this issue: “Youcamp Safe has been built to provide coverage irrespective of where you are in Australia and what approval process is required. It is a civil liability policy intended to respond to claims arising from guest bodily injury and/or third party property damage and applies to all eligible hosts, independent of local planning laws or exemptions. The policy does require Hosts to take reasonable care and preventative measures to prevent a Guest from becoming injured or having their property damaged. These steps must be taken to ensure Hosts are providing a safe environment for camping.” If you'd like information specific to your area regarding regulations, please send us an email to [email protected].
What should I charge?
You can charge per person or per site. For basic camping with limited or no amenities, we'd recommend around $10 per adult and $5 per child. High demand locations can charge more. It's best to start low, get some bookings and reviews and listen to the feedback from your first few guests. Many hosts also charge a bit more during peak season (such as Christmas, Easter), you can apply a price adjustment quickly and easily via the calendar.
How much money will I make?
The average booking value through our site is around $100. Hosts are adding value to their offering by selling firewood ($10 a wheelbarrow load), farm produce ($15 a box of seasonal yummies!) and animal feeding ($5 per person). Hosts earn on average between $8,000 - $13,000 per year from stays booked through Youcamp. Some hosts with higher camping volume are earning upwards of $30,000 per year.

Where do I start?

List your property today and you could be taking bookings as soon as tomorrow!

List my property for free
Welcome to
Youcamp is proudly the biggest land sharing website in Australia and we’re growing each week. You’ve probably got a great property but don’t know how to get started? We recommend you take a few minutes to go through the following tutorial which highlights some of the steps you’ll take to create a listing.
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What can I list on Youcamp?
If you have a property that could accommodate campers, caravans or RVs or the perfect place to 4WD, fish, kayak, picnic or bushwalk, you could make money by opening it up to visitors on Youcamp. You may already have cabins or cottages or a campground. The Youcamp website is an all-in-one property booking system that attracts new guests, manages payment and does the accounting, so all you have to do is be a friendly host.

Don’t quite know where to start? We suggest looking at our current listings, particularly for your area. Then have a thorough read of our Help Centre – there is an entire section called ‘Being a Host’.
Editing your profile
To get started, go to the Youcamp homepage and click on Login to create an account. If you haven’t used Youcamp before, click through to the Sign Up page. The email address you use is where all your booking notifications will be sent. Verify your email address and then Login.

Fill in your profile – guests want to know who you are. We also recommend uploading a photo of yourself – some hosts upload photos with their partners or their families.
Creating your free listing
If you can use email, you can use Youcamp! It’s very straightforward and we recommend having your photos, information and pricing ready.

Start by telling us the name of your property, where it is located and what you are offering.
Photos and bookings
Photos are critical because they entice a guest a book. You can upload one main ‘hero’ image and then lots of secondary images. Guests will be able to scroll through your photo gallery.

Next you choose how you would like to accept bookings – all hosts will receive enquiries but you can also choose between ‘Instant Book’ and ‘Request to Book’. Instant bookings are confirmed straight away, while booking requests give you 24 hours to decide and reply before they lapse.
Select a cancellation policy
Youcamp handles cancellations and refunds for both the host and the guest. This means every booking is transparent and the host is protected in the event of unexpected guest cancellations. Youcamp offers four different cancellation policies depending on how much money you want returned in the event of a cancellation.
Add your accommodation,
camping, activities,
tours or extras
Youcamp caters to hosts who have authentic accommodation or camping, bookable outdoor activities and tours. Extras is also a section for bookable services like food packages, firewood, equipment hire and farm produce.

In these sections, you’ll provide descriptions, more photos, your prices and your availability. How you complete these sections will determine how you use your Youcamp host calendar.
Getting paid!
The last step is to provide a bank account and tell us if you collect GST. Youcamp releases your payout 24 hours after your guest’s scheduled check-in time.

You can completely lay out your property page and see how it will look before publishing. Once you are ready, click on ‘publish’ and find your property using the searching tools from the homepage.
The Host Portal
Once you are published, all your offerings and pricing is overlaid on a live calendar which updates automatically with each confirmed booking. If you keep your live calendar up to date, you can expect more bookings because guests will have the confidence to book.

You also have access to Messages to handle all your enquiries and questions relating to bookings.
Manual Bookings
Manual bookings allow you to enter a booking on behalf of a guest – like a cash register or an eftpos machine. This is useful because guests can turn up without a booking or they communicate via email or phone.
Being a really great host
Guests want to see availability quickly so they have the confidence to book. The best Youcamp hosts are responsive, they keep their calendars up to date, they get lots of positive reviews and their listing creates a life of its own! We reward the hosts who funnel all their bookings through Youcamp with more promotion!
You’re good
to go
Thanks for taking the time to learn about Youcamp – you can come back to this tutorial at any time. If you would prefer to talk to us, please send us an email at [email protected]
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