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Every Youcamp booking has $50 million insurance if guests are injured or their property is damaged - subject to T&Cs.

What is Youcamp?

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Why list your property?
You could be sitting on a gold mine
If you have a property that could accommodate campers, caravans or guests, or the perfect place to fish, picnic or bush walk, you could make money by opening it up to visitors on Youcamp.
Let us do the work for you
The Youcamp website is an all-in-one system that attracts new visitors, manages payment and does the accounting, so all you have to do is be a friendly host.
Be proud!
We appreciate the unique experiences that you can bring, and so do our visitors who have told us first hand how beautiful or enjoyable their experiences have been through Youcamp.
You're insured by us!
Worried what would happen if a guest is hurt or has their property damaged? Every booking has $50 million liability cover. - see our T&Cs
The Youcamp Story
Youcamp began life in 2013 when two NSW South Coast landholders realised that all around them were beautiful places on private land that could be visited by the public if only there was a way for travellers and property owners to connect.
Ready to join the adventure?
Do you have a property you would like to share with responsible visitors by joining our community of private landholders across Australia?
Welcome to
Youcamp is proudly the biggest land sharing website in Australia and we’re growing each week. You’ve probably got a great property but don’t know how to get started? We recommend you take a few minutes to go through the following tutorial which highlights some of the steps you’ll take to create a listing.
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What can I list on Youcamp?
If you have a property that could accommodate campers, caravans or RVs or the perfect place to 4WD, fish, kayak, picnic or bushwalk, you could make money by opening it up to visitors on Youcamp. You may already have cabins or cottages or a campground. The Youcamp website is an all-in-one property booking system that attracts new guests, manages payment and does the accounting, so all you have to do is be a friendly host.

Don’t quite know where to start? We suggest looking at our current listings, particularly for your area. Then have a thorough read of our Help Centre – there is an entire section called ‘Being a Host’.
Editing your profile
To get started, go to the Youcamp homepage and click on Login to create an account. If you haven’t used Youcamp before, click through to the Sign Up page. The email address you use is where all your booking notifications will be sent. Verify your email address and then Login.

Fill in your profile – guests want to know who you are. We also recommend uploading a photo of yourself – some hosts upload photos with their partners or their families.
Creating your free listing
If you can use email, you can use Youcamp! It’s very straightforward and we recommend having your photos, information and pricing ready.

Start by telling us the name of your property, where it is located and what you are offering.
Photos and bookings
Photos are critical because they entice a guest a book. You can upload one main ‘hero’ image and then lots of secondary images. Guests will be able to scroll through your photo gallery.

Next you choose how you would like to accept bookings – all hosts will receive enquiries but you can also choose between ‘Instant Book’ and ‘Request to Book’. Instant bookings are confirmed straight away, while booking requests give you 24 hours to decide and reply before they lapse.
Select a cancellation policy
Youcamp handles cancellations and refunds for both the host and the guest. This means every booking is transparent and the host is protected in the event of unexpected guest cancellations. Youcamp offers four different cancellation policies depending on how much money you want returned in the event of a cancellation.
Add your accommodation,
camping, activities,
tours or extras
Youcamp caters to hosts who have authentic accommodation or camping, bookable outdoor activities and tours. Extras is also a section for bookable services like food packages, firewood, equipment hire and farm produce.

In these sections, you’ll provide descriptions, more photos, your prices and your availability. How you complete these sections will determine how you use your Youcamp host calendar.
Getting paid!
The last step is to provide a bank account and tell us if you collect GST. Youcamp releases your payout 24 hours after your guest’s scheduled check-in time.

You can completely lay out your property page and see how it will look before publishing. Once you are ready, click on ‘publish’ and find your property using the searching tools from the homepage.
The Host Portal
Once you are published, all your offerings and pricing is overlaid on a live calendar which updates automatically with each confirmed booking. If you keep your live calendar up to date, you can expect more bookings because guests will have the confidence to book.

You also have access to Messages to handle all your enquiries and questions relating to bookings.
Manual Bookings
Manual bookings allow you to enter a booking on behalf of a guest – like a cash register or an eftpos machine. This is useful because guests can turn up without a booking or they communicate via email or phone.
Being a really great host
Guests want to see availability quickly so they have the confidence to book. The best Youcamp hosts are responsive, they keep their calendars up to date, they get lots of positive reviews and their listing creates a life of its own! We reward the hosts who funnel all their bookings through Youcamp with more promotion!
You’re good
to go
Thanks for taking the time to learn about Youcamp – you can come back to this tutorial at any time. If you would prefer to talk to us, please call 1300 318 709 or send us an email at info@youcamp.com
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