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What are the technical requirements for using Youcamp?

If you are proficient at emails, you can use Youcamp. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

I am new to Youcamp and I would like to learn the basics?

Use the Help Centre to understand how Youcamp works. Then create a property listing so you can understand what is required. If you need further help, we can offer some training. Please contact us at info@youcamp.com

Which internet browsers work best on Youcamp?

For the best experience, we suggest using the most up-to-date version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Browser developers frequently make improvements to provide you with a faster, more secure online experience. Newer browsers also support a wider range of designs and features than older browsers.

If you prefer to use Internet Explorer, please upgrade to IE9 or higher. Many features of most websites don’t work with older versions of Internet Explorer—and we often can’t provide technical support if you’re using an outdated browser.

I think I have received a spam enquiry – what do I do?

We’ve taken measures to reduce the likelihood of this as much as possible. However if you feel you have received an enquiry that is not genuine, do not reply to the message. If you are unsure, please contact us at info@youcamp.com with the details so we can evaluate the enquiry.

What if I don’t receive any emails from Youcamp?

If you’ve recently signed up and haven’t received the email from Youcamp to verify your email address, we suggest you try the following:

Check your spam filters and junk mail. This varies greatly on a case-by-case basis. Large organisaions can have strict spam filters which block emails from sources they deem to be untrusted.

Try adding no-reply@youcamp.com to your address book.

If you use Outlook, go to Settings, Junk Mail options and add no-reply@youcamp.com as to the safe sender and safe recipient list.

Try using an alternative email address. Gmail is a good example. It only takes a minute to set up Gmail account and it is a good way to test if your spam filters are the problem.

If you aren’t receiving emails on your computer, check on your phone. Check all folders including promotions, social, spam. Try doing a search of all folders youcamp.