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How much should I charge?

The fees you charge for your services are up to you. As a guide, research other listings in your area to get an idea of market prices. For new hosts, we recommend you charge a smaller fee first which can increase as your listing becomes more popular. We also recommend taking into consideration the Youcamp guest service fees because listing a property on Youcamp is free for the host.

Can I make money from being a small scale Youcamp camping host?

Yes! The average nightly rate for a camping site with no facilities is $10 per adult per night and $5 per child per night. People are prepared to pay for peace and quiet, great locations and exclusive use (particularly near capital cities). When you multiply this out for a family of four, a booking for 2 nights at one site would generate $60+. If you then offer a number of sites across a property for simultaneous bookings and allow larger family/friend groups, $60 quickly turns into much more.

We see a large number of bookings come in from families who want exclusive use of a site so all the family are camped together in privacy. We also get a lot of enquiries from 4WD, camping, nature and bush walking groups looking for authentic and interesting places to visit.

How do I set up my base prices?

When you reach the Add Accommodation Step in the Add Listing process, you will be required to set a base price to your accommodation. A base price is the price you charge most of the time (outside of peak holiday periods or long weekends). You are asked to set a base price for weekdays and weekends. You’ll be asked the same question for activities and tours and extras.

How do I set up weekend pricing?

When setting the base price for your accommodation, you will be required to populate a Weekday price and a Weekend price. You may make both prices the same if you wish. At Youcamp, we consider a weekend to be Friday and Saturday nights for accommodation and Saturday and Sunday for activities and tours.

How do I set up seasonal pricing?

After you have set up your base prices, you are given the option of adding a Date Range price on the same page. Select the date range and enter the new pricing. A date range is a specific set of time where you may want to charge less or more to guests.