COVID-19 Cancellations

On March 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the spread of COVID-19 to be a global pandemic. To support our community, COVID-19 related booking cancellations will fall under our natural disaster policy.

For COVID-19 related cancellations with a check-in date before 10 June 2020, and inline with ACCC recommendations, Youcampers are eligible to collect a full “CampCash” credit, which will be stored on their profile to be used towards bookings in the future (valid for 12 months).

As of 6 August 2020, due to recent border closures and Guests needing to cancel trips, any future booking that cannot be completed because of COVID19 is eligible to make a cancellation under the COVID-19 cancellation policy.  We recognise that this is a rapidly-evolving situation and will revisit this timeline if necessary.

Either a Host or a Guest can cancel a booking using the COVID-19 reason. Guests: to cancel your booking, login, go to “My Trips” in your profile, locate your trip and follow the steps selecting COVID-19 as the cancellation reason. Hosts: cancel bookings via Host Portal > Bookings.

If a Guest does not want to take advantage of our offer of 100 per cent credit including for service fee, as long as they are outside the host’s cancellation policy period, they can elect to make a standard cancellation (select a different “reason option” other than COVID-19) subject to our normal T&Cs.

Other Natural Disaster Cancellations

If a booking needs to be cancelled due to a natural disaster, public health crisis, or other act of nature that will prevent a trip from being safely completed, then the Youcamper that made the booking is eligible to collect a full credit including the Youcamp service fee. It is at the Youcamp’s administration team’s sole discretion to enact the Natural Disaster Policy. In order to initiate this process, you or your Host will need to get in touch with Youcamp Support.

The Host will not collect any money for these bookings, regardless of their chosen cancellation policy. Our hope is that by providing a full credit, Youcampers will be able to postpone their trip for a later date.

We may request documentation such as a doctor’s note, travel restriction, or severe weather advisory to have this policy apply.

Please note that non-severe storms or extreme temperatures do not fall under our Natural Disaster Policy. If you do not want to go on a trip because of the present weather, please speak with your Host directly to see if they are willing to offer a refund and you have the option of rescheduling your trip via a booking alteration.